Watercolour Pencil Practice

kind-ganzIf you are following me on Instagram, you may have seen my little speeddrawing how I tried out my new Albrecht Dürer Watercolour Pencils from Faber-Castell.

I’m not very happy with the face, the paper wasn’t good enough and it come out really undefined. But it was just a little practise and I mean I learned to use better paper. ;) This little girl is me in age of i think four years. I absolutly love the picture I used as a template for this drawing. I tried to express all the happiness but at the and, the girl on my drawing looks a little bit like a creepy doll.

I’ll definitely draw it again, but later!

Oh and by the way – I love my watercolour pencils. It’s such an easy way to create greate drawings and especially for beginners because you can work very controlled with them.

Here’s a little progress timelaps:


  1. I didn’t find it that creepy. People, chairs and cars are very tough to draw accurately because if you get the proportions wrong they stand out as blatant errors. Best sketching book in my opinion is Andrew Loomis’ “Fun With A Pencil” from 1939. It’s been republished, but you can find free .pdf downloads if you know where to look. ;D

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      • From my experience, practice makes perfect. I used to have a problem with sketching a woman. They always appear like a man and what’s worst is that they always appear like me.

        By the way, who is your model? is that you when you were young?

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      • Haha i know this Problems! I’m drawing my whole life and I can’t draw hands and feets! I always try to avoid to draw them 🙈😂

        Yes it’s me but I have to say, I wasn’t such a creepy little girl as it looks like on the drawing!! :D

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