Nilam Farooq Speedpaiting


Sometimes I forget what I’m able to create with just a few good colored pencils! This is a drawing of the german actress und youtuber Nilam Farooq. She posted a Picture fom herself on instagram and I was so inspired from her strong Look that I decided to draw this!

At the beginn I started with a raster and sketched the proportions of her face and hair. What happened next you can see in this little speedpainting!

I used my Faber-Castell Polychromos and a watercolour paper to create this “vintage” look.

It was really challenging for me to get her “look”, that it’s possible to recognice her. I’m not sure how far I was successfull but I really tried!

If you have any criticsm or tipps let me know in the comments please!


  1. It’s so beautiful, so well drawn!! I wish I could do something like that. I just wanna ask you to draw me ahahah

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    • Thanks a lot! I took a look at your last drawing and I must say it’s really good! Just one tipp, be courageous and experiment with darker contrasts between light and shadows! That makes a huge different! But it needs a lot of effort, so just try it out!
      I hope I see one of your practisings soon!

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      • Thanks for your guidance! I really need that because I’m not trained. I’m just a novice. Yeah, I’ll surely practice again and upload the result!

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