Watercolour Mix-Table

The watercolours I’m using are just for drawing-beginners, there are from no brand and the colours are not really brilliant. But for practising it’s okay. I created this little table to see what colours i can create if I mix two of them. I think it’s really useful to have such a table and by the way, it looks good!

What watercolour brand do you prefer? I’m looking for a new set but I don’t have any experience. Please help me!


  1. I use a range of pan sets after finding it’s easier to work with them than my tubes (of artist quality, mostly W&N). do not neglect to look at the very cheap Kohinoor hexagonal so-called kids’ set (brilliant colours, wonderful) and the White Nights range. I do agree about having 3 warm, 3 cool and two earths if you are buying tubes and short of cash for a whole set. Nice colour table – I am too lazy by far :)

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    • Thanks for your comment,
      I was sic the last week so my reply is a little bit late, I’m sorry!
      Thanks for your advices! I think I’ll buy me a little set of colours very
      soon with great cold and warm shades. :)
      You are right it really took a lot of time, but it really makes fun!

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  2. At the moment I’m using the Winsor and Newton student quality set. They are quite good for me since I’m still a beginner but would really like to update my set to a professional one later on when I get better in watercolouring. Also I would really like to give this exercise a try to see what different range of colours I can get from such a small palette

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    • I saw your beginnings of your colour-table, it looks so good! I really have to buy me this colours, it’s such a huge different to mine!
      Do you use tubes or a little palette? :)

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      • For the colour-table I’m using a cheap set which I have never used before and I’m trying to experiment a bit with them because I have around 24 colours and am very curious about them. They are tubes which I bought from a local store. Normally I use the Winsor and Newton little palette and I have another two tubes from Winsor and Newton which are pinks but I rarely use those

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  3. I’ve used Windsor and Newton too, and also Grombacher. My best advice is to buy artist quality, not student quality, even if you don’t get a full range of colors. You’d be amazed at what you can do with just a very good tube of burnt sienna and a very good tube of raw sienna! A limited palette is good for learning to work with watercolor. You are quite smart to make a color table like this! Another good color table can be made by long brushstokes in a grid where the horizontal and vertical strokes overlap to form a third color. Hard to describe with words though! Here is a link that shows better than I can explain… https://watercolorpainting.com/glazegrid/

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    • Haha you guys are all really obsessed with Winsor and Newton, I think it’s a good choice to buy some! Thanks for your advice, I’ve got the same opinion! I always buy the beste quality if it’s possible, because it’s more fun to see what you can create with and to see how you can increase yourselfe!

      This Color – table is amazing! I’ll do this if I’ve got the new colours and show you the result!

      Thanks a lot for your help! :)

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  4. I started with the field sketch set from Winsor&Newton. It was the smallest set and not too expensive, relatively speaking. They were the student grade paint. The artist grade paints are of course better, creamier, less filler. As I go along, I replace the ones I use up with the artist grade. I also appreciate Blockx, Sennelier and of course, I guess the top of the line is Daniel Smith. Basically you need a warm and a cool of red, yellow and blue and then some earth colours–burnt sienna, sepia. With that you can mix many other colours as you have seen with your table. Hope this helps.

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    • I heard a lot about Winsor&Newton before, but they are not really known here in Germany. I think one of the most famous brand is Schmincke but I don’t have any experiences with.
      I really love to mix my colours, I think I will follow your advice and start with some little set of these colours!
      You helped me a lot, thank you!!

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