The Native Fox Digital Painting


This drawing is one of my first tries to draw in the digital way. I’ve got a Wacom Intious touch and I love it. Of course it would be great to have a Cintique but come on, if you are not an awesome and professional artist you’ll don’t need it! I’m totally happy with my little Intious. I’m using Photoshop to draw digital but I’m not so good. I have no knowledge about the right brushes and thats so important! This is one of my goals this year – to try out a lot more in digital and traditional drawing!

By the way, the woman the drawings shows is the fashion blogger The Native Fox and I really like her sometimes a little bit unconvential style.

I’ll show you soon a few more digital paintings!

Do you have any advices for me in relation to digital drawing? This would help me a lot!


  1. I really don’t want to make advertismants but I purchased a Huion GT 190 Tablet and I am really satisfied. It costs a quarter of what you would pay for a wacom cintiq but offers the same opportunites (I think so, never actually had a cintiq myself). For a hobby artist it is a really great thing!

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  2. Use lots of layers with different layer modes. Separate layers for lines (multiply mode) colors (color) hi-lights (screen) and shadows (multiply or darken)
    Experiment and practice. Don’t forget cmd-s and opt/cmd-z
    A medium intuos and two monitors is better than a cintinq and cheaper. don’t lose the replacement styli they are expensive!

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