Curves Are Sexy!

curves are sexy.jpg

***This is one of my old deleted posts, but I post it again because the message is very important for me***

Yesterday I talked with Tatjana from sectionofstyle about being confident and not a size zero model after reading her post with swimwear pictures.

After this I thought a lot about the understanding of beauty in our society.

What are our characteristics for women to be beautiful?

First– the perfect body! A flat stomach, slim waist, of cause long legs with a thight gap and a nice booty like the Kadaschians.

Second – a flawless skin, no pimples or redness and no dark circles around the eyes.

Third – the perfect hair, long, healthy and super shiny.

Now look around you, can you see more then perhaps one person who looks like this? Well I think I know the answer. We are no topmodels – we are real women! We got hips, perfect curves, a lot of femaleness and especially fun in life! It’s time to be proud about our bodies how they are and to ignore all the ideals shown by the media.

I know it’s a hard way to accept the own body and you can trust me, I’m far away to reach this but it’s the only way to get happiness and satisfaction. Every women is sexy and beautiful in her own way and got something what makes her special, she just has to find it!

We are daily confronted with pictures of slim women and the message just the way they look is sexy. But we forget that there are so many examples out there with no model figure who are the sexiness themselves! What’s about Beyonce? She is the sexiest woman alive and what’s the reason for? Not a thight gap or slim legs. Her curves are her beauty secret! And she’s not alone. There is Meghan Trainor who is very proud about her not size zero body or Normani Kordei from fifth harmony. Especially Normani is a role model for the younger generation, she is just 19 and doesn’t care about all these social thinness obsession. And how you can see in the illustration she looks awesome! All these celebrities are proud of her body and confident and that’s what make them beautiful!

We have to accept ourselves how we are. If you are sporty and fitness is your life, it’s okay. If you love good food and hate sports, it’s okay. You got a little bit to much weight, it’s okay!
What I want to say is beeing yourself and feel good. Wearing cloth which gives you confidence, wear your hair like you like it and life your life how it makes you happy.

And of cause these life rules are also for men, because they’re also sometimes uncertain ;)

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