Trying To Redraw My “Creepy Girl” – FAIL

Entwicklung Gesicht

The last week I scrolled through your comments and the one of my “Native Fox- Digital Drawing” inspired me a lot to try again digital drawing after a long time.

I always used Photoshop to draw and it overtaxed me a lot! I didn’t know which brushes I have to use for a special style and there were to many possibilitys. I know, thats really great for advanced drawer, but I’m a really beginner in this way of drawing. Thats the reason why I went back to the traditionell way a long time. But the last week i searched for an other free Art programm and I installed “krita”. After little practisings I felt in love!
It’s easy to use, got everything I need and the selection of brushes is great enough for me!

So I had a great programm, but I didn’t kno what to draw. But then it looked straight to me – the picture of the little girl who looks like a female version of chucky. I decided to change this and give her the  happy face expression she have on the origional photo.

Well, you can see my progress in the picture abouve…. More Chucky and less happy expressions :D I tried everything and I don’t know why it always come out this creepy. At the moment I’m so desperately, that I copied the origional face in my drawing.
(Okay, I’m looking a little bit creepy, but hopefully less than my drawings :D )
But I’ll give my best to bring this drawing to an “happy” end!


I’ve concentrated me just of her look, all the shadows etc. are coming soon! I just drew soft ones for helping me.

Do you have any ideas to make this little girl looks happy?



  1. Thanks for the heads up on a free drawing program. I downloaded it but have not tried it because I teach adobe programs and have no time or brain power to deal with more than that. I’ll get to it winter break and get back to you.
    Photoshop is great, adobe is not. PS is expensive because of a good reason–it does more than paint, it does time-line animation, photo manipulation/editing and real 3d stuff. And bad reason–adobe is a greedy corporation taking full advantage of its near monopoly.
    But if you just want to draw it is best to consider other painting programs: Smith Micro Manga Studio 5/clip studio pro or Corel Painter Essentials 5, or if you can get a student discount go for Painter 2018.
    Anyway for the reason above, I still use PS with some KyleBrushes brushes as well as my own. To simplify your art-making create your own workspace with only the panels you use and put the brushes you use in the tool presets menu item deleting the ones you don’t.
    About creepy girl: Lose some detail by applying some softening filters and then try the liquefy filter to re-scale eyes and mouth to “cute-ify” the kid.

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    • Hi Howard!
      Thanks for your comment and your great advices!
      I had a special student price for the whole adobe programms and this was okay. I had need illustrator and other programms for an app design and used photoshop for my drawings.
      I also used some KyleBrushes, they are great but they weren’t what I really looked for. Okay, I didn’t knew what I was looking for, so it was not there fault :D

      I’ll try your tip for my girl drawing, the result is coming soon!

      Have a great evening!

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