My Drawings I don’t Like #1 – Fashiondrawings

How I explained on my About Site, this Sketchoman Version isn’t the first one. I started so many tries, but after a longer time I didn’t like my drawings anymore. But this “new” Sketchoman is all about a great collective of all my drawings, the ones I like and don’t like. I’m starting a serie, where I show you my old drawings I don’t like that much anymore. But they are part of my progress and perhaps it’s interesting for you.

Let’s beginn with a few fashion illustrations. 

I made these drawings in the same period two years ago, but as you can see, each one is drawn in a different style! I’ve tried a lot to find my own style, but so far I have not found it. How you’ll see got my current new digital drawing a completly different style. Well, I’ll find my style someday, I hope :D

The drawings of the clothes etc. are not so bad, but why did not I draw beautiful faces? I tried to hide it with sunglasses or hair …

Do you struggeling with old artwork, too? Tell me your storys!


    • Thanks a lot! :)
      I’m so uncertain, I love all these fashion illustrations with their very chic faces, with just a few pencil strokes. But I’ll find my very own style, so I’ll try something new soon.

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