Redrawing My Creepy Girl


>>Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s a wrap!!!<<
This is the finally result of my redrawing from my watercolour practise. How I showed you in this post, I struggled a lot with her face expressions. I’m not that happy, but you can defenitley see a progress!


But to be fair, the left one was just a practise to test out my Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürrer Watercolourpencils. It was a really fast drawing, I worked less than a hour for it! For the second one I needed 4 hours for her clothes and the hair. And just for her raw face expressions I worked every day again and again, till it was okay. For the detailing face colouring and the hands I needed 3 more hours. You see, you can’t compare the drawings really well.

You are wondering why her hands are so blurred? I tried to redraw the origional picture and there is motion blur above the hands. But to be honest, I was verry happy about this! How much I love to draw clothes, so much I hate hands. I really have to practise it!
I really hope, that it doesn’t look like chuckys bride anymore!

Thanks for all your commentarys and helps!


  1. I particularly like the blurred hands. It gives the impression of other-worldliness – as if she might not really be there. She has the power to move between here and somewhere else – a strange, dangerous place perhaps.

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