My Drawings I Don’t Like #2 – Maleficent


Welcome back to a new post about my drawings I don’t like. Didn’t see the last one? Click here.

Well, this is one of my most loved, most hated drawings! I did this to the start of the movie Maleficent and it took me hours drawing her horns. But then I lost the motivation for the face and yeah… you see the result. It’s terrible! Do you have any creative ideas how I could fix it? I don’t want see the face anymore!

I know, I could draw it again and see the progress, but I don’t want that! So, leave some ideas in the comments please, I really need your help!

By the way, have a wonderfull first Advent! It’s the first time this winter that it’s snowing and I’m so happy! Let us all wish for a white christmas!


  1. The inside of the mouth is so black. The jaw line and drawn in cheeks give her a stylized male look. When In really hate something I rip it up. Start over if you think the idea is worth it.

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