Bartolotti House in Amsterdam

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Oh dear, I never thought that it could be hat hard to draw a building with in 9 minutes! But it was so much fun to start the 9 Minutes Art Challenge with this topic!

On the first picture you can see, that I absolutly had to draw very quick! The lines aren’t that straight and don’t look at the windows please! But I really liked the idea of the drawing and I decided to line it up and to color it. I used my PITT Artist Pen in S from Faber-Castell and their Polychromos.
In my opinion it looks really charming, but I like the clear just black and white version the most.

By the way, the drawing shows the Bartolotti House in Amsterdam. Its such a beautiful building! I saw it one year ago and I had to take a lot of pictures! In general Amsterdam got such a pretty architecture and I just can recommend to visit it! Especially during the Light-Festival in December and January, it’s awesome!

And here are a few great drawing of other participants, check out their social media I linked!

ZoeBlume | Laura Butterfly | Pluuuuh | Galimation





And don’t forget to post YOUR drawings with #9minartchallenge , I can’t wait to see your creations!


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