Sea Turtle

The todays topic of the 9 Minutes Art Challenge was “Underwater”.

It was totally clear for me to draw some animal in the front and a reef in the background. First I thought about a shark and then about a octopus. But then I reminded the szene in “Nemo”, where Marlin is swimming with the Sea Turtles. So I looked for great references on instagram and started the timer. First I drew the Sea Turtle and then I tried to sketch some elements of the Great Barrier Reef. I hadn’t enough time for more details but I think you can see my idea of the picture.

I decided to color it and began with an all over blue background with watercolours and drew then the Sea Turtle with Polyhromos.
I’m so happy that I took a picture of this step because the reef doesn’t turned out very pretty.

What is your interpretation to the topic “Underwater”?
Dont forget to post it with #9minartchallenge!

And here you can see awesome interpretations of other artists:

ZoeBlume | Galimation | Tiadri



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