The todays topic of the 9 Minutes Art Challenge was “Mandala”. In my opinion this topic is perfect to start the saturday in a cosy outfit and with my favourite audiobook. By the way, it’s a great fanfiction about Harry Potters parents and how they fall in love during there time in Hogwarts, so great! I can’t get enough Lily and James fanfictions, my little secret weakness!

I started with the circles and the time was over before I could finished them. I’m really concentrated if I draw mandalas and I do every line very slow. Perhaps  this topic wasn’t perfect for a challenge where you have to beat the time, well what a learnprocess!
I like how it turnes out and with the little sea turtle abouve it becomes a total different look. Yes, I had to cut of the bottom of the drawing, I totally messed up the reef.

And here again a shoutout to other great artist who joined the challenge:

Oh and you can really join the challenge on every day you want! Look for a topic you like and start the timer! And don’t forget to tag your art with #9minartchallenge, then I can show it here in a new post!


    • It’s my turn to say thank you for your participation! :) I created this challenge to go out of my confort zone and to collect some ideas which I can use for a bigger project. It makes me very happy that you like the challenge! :)

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  1. Nice mandala :) Oh yes! this has to be done very slowly to get the design perfectly with in the circle and they should match too!!
    I drew mandala for the first time today. I didn’t worry much about the perfection, I made it very small too so that I can finish it with in the given time :)

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    • It looks very great! The nine minutes are just the time you should draw but you can draw as long as you want to :) The time just should be a motivation to do little sketches each day and to prevent for too much frustration :)

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