A Frustrated Artist

tag 4

It’s sunday evening and I have to say, I feel very frustrated.
I did the fault to scroll through all the great artists on instagram and their very emotional drawings, which bring message and feelings to the viewer.
Well, and then I took a look to my drawings…
Yes, they aren’t bad, they are perhaps nice to look at, nice….such a bad word!
In my opinion my drawings are boring, they just show boring things or people but they don’t give the viewer some emotions.

I thought a lot about this and I asked myself why they are boring. I scrolled to each drawing and tried to recognice there similarities and there comes the knowledge to me!
I’m always creating drawings without any storytelling. For example my drawing of the little girl shows herself on a white background, there is nothing more. And the House I did on the first day of the 9 Minutes Art Challenge is just a cute house without any life on the pice of paper.

After this very frustrating weekend I try to learn how to bring more vitality to my drawings and I hope the challenge is the perfect way to practise this a lot!

The todays challenge topic “Pencil” was the perfect opportunity to sketch a new drawing idea with hopefully more vitality. I saw this picture on instagram and used it as a reference. I sketched it within the 9 minutes and at the moment I’m thinking about a digital version to try some different styles.Tag 4.png

Do you have any advices for me what is “wrong” with my drawings? I really need help!

And again here’s a shoutout of some great artists who joined this challenge!

Tiadri | Galimation


  1. There is nothing wrong with your drawings. I like it when art is narrative – there’s something happening. I used to do that. Like with that building – if there was just one person on the street in front of it there would be something going on. Drawings don’t have to tell stories though. If there was a bandage on the arm of this – it would make someone wonder what happened to her. I dunno, I’m just rambling. Sorry.

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  2. Hi there! I love your blog posts, and your drawings are beautiful. I also find that a drawing needs to have a story and to do so I always relate the illustration to myself, something I have seen, love, or have some form of opinion on. Hope that helps :)

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