Little Tendernesses

tag 5Hands….they aren’t my favourite bodypart to draw, to be honest, I really hate them! That’s the reason why I choosen them as a daily challenge, to be forced to sketch some hands.
As I wrote you in this post yesterday, I’m trying now to give my drawing some emotions and message they could deliever to the viewer.
In this reason I googled some nice hand references and decided me for this one. It’s not that typical motive of a couple which is holding hands, I like it cause it shows solidarity and tenderness in a really sweet way.img_0535

I was really surprised from the result, I was prepared for an absolute desaster. The hand lines don’t look very correctly and the male hand looks a little bit to female, but it’s absoloutly over my expectations!

And again, a shoutout to all the other great Artists:

Pluuuuh |Gamer_Girl_XY | Galimation


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