Dear Reader,…

What happended? Why didn’t I continued and finished the 9 Minutes Art Challenge? Why didn’t I post anything else?

Well, the challenge was a great way to be “forced” to be creative every day and to try out new topics and ways to create something.
I know, the sense of the challenge was to draw a idea in just 9 minutes, but to be honest, I never worked just these minutes. I often drew over one hour and more, did some idea sketches before and redraw it when it doesn’t looked like I wanted it to. I had so much fun to draw the daily topics but on the other side I didn’t want to show just some unspecific sketches.

The reason why I stopped doing the challenge was my own stupidity. The Feburary was the worst month I could choose for this challenge! I had to write some exams and my internship on the court started. There was no more time to being creative, I had no more motivation and energy to sit down and draw something. You probably noticed that in my last posts about the challenge.

I know there is no reason fot but I felt a little bit shamed to be not able to continue the challenge. That’s the reason why I didn’t post anything else on my blog.

But this post is not just a explanation, it’s a big thank you to all of you! It was so much fun to be creative with you, to see all your different ways to interpretate the topics!
And of cause a big thank you to all my readers, there are so many new poeple here and I just want to say hello and welcome to my blog! And to my “old” followers, thank you all for your support!

The next weeks I have to learn again for two exams, but I hope I find the time to be creative or just to practise!

Have a nice sunday!

xoxo, Sketchoman


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