Light And Shadow Practice

I told you in my last post about my month without drawing anything. That’s the reason why I decided to start with some simple light and shadow practices.

The left piture you can see is created with blender and shows 3D stones in a weightless area. It was the perfect reference to start practising because you need to draw very dimensional.

The reference is from Isa, better known as “Honeyball“, a german YouTuber who’s popular for her Let’s Plays. Beside this, she is an awesome artist and got another YouTube channel “KritzelPixel” where she gives great advices on how to become a better artist.
She also created an art discord which became a meeting point for a lot of poeple who love to draw! Everyone is helping each other, the beginners got special tasks to improve their skills and it’s nice to get some inspirations!
If you are speaking german, I really can recommend you this video about the discord.

What references do you prefer for practising? I’ll start with some papercraft studies soon!


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