Instagram? New Presentation?

A lot of artists are using instagram for sharing their artwork and get connected with other artists. In the past I tried to follow their example but I never knew how to present my artwork in a beautiful way.
As you know from my last posts I always photographed my drawings on my desk with no accessoiries and always in the same way:

Tag 4

I didn’t like the look of the presentation but didn’t know how to change it. Thats the reason why I deleted all my drawings from instagram, cause it frustrated me to see my feed in this brown desk look.
The last weekend I decided to try some new ways to present my drawings in a more attractive way. I tried out to work with light stings but it failed. Then I went outside to try some outdoor shots with flowers and buildings in the background:

tag 4

Well I don’t know what do you think, but I love it! It brings so much more dynamic in the photo and makes the drawing more interesting automatically.

Here are some other examples:

I restarted my instagram yesterday and uploaded my first photo in the new presentation way. From now I’ll post my progresses and give you some special insights via the insta stories.

If you wan’t to support me then check out my instagram and follow me there:

Me on Instagram

Do you use Instagram for art sharing and have me some advices for becoming a bigger social reach?

What do you think about my new presentation look for my drawing?

Do you like it? Or do you have any ideas to do it better?
Let me know in the comments or send me a mail!




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