My Drawings I Don’t Like #3 – Minions And Co.

As you know, there are so many old drawings from me I don’t like (anymore). I showed you some of them here and in this post. Today I’ll show you two “drawings” which one aren’t really drawings. There was a time where I was really addicted to recreate persons and figures just with the pen tool in Photoshop. It all started with the Draco Malfay drawing. It was so much fun to create this comic style and I did the selfportrait of mine in the same way.

Well, and then I thought it wold be funny to recreate some childhood memorys and……the Minions.

I mean come on! Why? There is no artsy value! It don’t show my skills, my style (okay I don’t have a style, but you know what I mean), my point of view. It’s just a boring copy.

Perhaps a background or other details could make it more interesting, but I don’t like to work so much digital at the moment.
If you check out my Instagram Storys you’ll see my tries to do some urban sketching and fashion illustrations, so be sure to follow me there.

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