Instagram – Does Photography Lost Its Value?


As You know, I’m started using Instagram two Weeks ago. You aren’t following me there? Well thats your biggest mistake ever! I’m giving you a look behind the drawing process and you have the option to help me through voting in my story.

Instagram is a really nice tool to reach a lot of people but there are some thoughts I had the last days. If you are on the app you’ll see soooo much photos, they are just one fingertouch away and the photostream will never end. But to be honest, do we really consider every single photo and give them the attention it deserves? Not really, because there could be a better one right after the next touch.

Does we lost the value of photos through the oportunity to take and share them any time?
Some of my sweetest childhood memory is the reflex camera of my father. He photographed a lot and I loved to see how he put the film into the camera and couldn’t wait until we can pick up the developed film from the store.
With these cameras you just had the oportunity to take abouve 35 pictures – thats inconceivably today! Everyone can take endless photos with his smartphone and the motive doesn’t care. We don’t celebrating photographing anymore, we don’t have an eye for asthetic, just for the next creepy selfie we can send our friends.

Of cause, there are a lot of beautyful photos out there, expacially on instagram, but we don’t really care. There isn’t any individuality anymore, everyone is taking the same pictures with the motivation to get the most likes and follower.

Thats the reason why I love drawing and why I’ll like to start urban sketching very soon. To draw a building, a person or a situation you have to deal with a motive, you really have to take your time to know all the particularities and then to draw them! I promise you, you will remember the motive and the moment a lot better as if you just press the button on your smartphone!

What I’ve learned:

Instagram is great, it shows all the colours of the world but you have to use it “carefully”. It’s too easy to get lost in the explorer section without knowing later what do you looked at the whole time. So take a moment to give every picture a chance!

What do you thing about this topic? Let me know in the comments!

Oh and by the way, abouve this text you can see a drawing of Hatice Schmidt, a german YouTuber and active Instagram User – I love the irony.


  1. I never thought about this in much detail till now, but you are absolutely right! The indulgence of seeing images at the click of a finger does somewhat take the attention away from actually seeing things!
    Loved this post,well done!


  2. I started using Instagram when I was at college, doing a course on graphic design. I started posting my work, and it was just another place to store photo copies of what I had done. I don’t really do that anymore, I use it to simply post random pictures. It is a shame.

    Sometimes I think that social media can be stifling, especially if in a creative funk.


  3. A thought provoking and insightful article. I use Instagram’s discover section when I am doing absolutely nothing else. I just realized that I forget what I see in the discover section as soon as I close the app.


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