My New Creative Writing Blog

I’m a really creative person, obviously. And as you know there are some periods over the year where I’m drawing so much and then over weeks I can’t touch a pencil. At the moment, it’s one of the last periods but I discovered my love for creative writing.

I really would love to share these stories with you here on my blog, but just in german I’m able to express myself in the way I want to. That’s the reason, why I followed the example of my friend Wortneuschöpfung and created a blog where I’m posting all my short storys and “deep” thoughts.

Screenshot (1)


Gedankensilhouette is the name of the blog, in English it’s thoughtssilhouettes. If you understand german, It would be an honor if you follow me.
Know I promise, this will be the last post without any new drawings. Hope I’ll see u soon!


  1. Ganz schoen! Ich folge Ihr jetzt. Ich studiere Deutsch in der Uni und freue mich darauf, dass ich diese schoene Geschichte und Gedichte weiterlesen darf!


  2. I’m actually trying to learn german but it’s so hard! But good luck in your new blog!
    I’m kind of new here so if you have any tips for a new blogger please help me!


    • Hello and welcome! :D
      Oh I know, it is! If you need help, send me a mail ;) I’ll start to learn spanish, but I don’t have the motivation to do it by my own without any help :(

      Well, to post regulary at the beginn is really important. And to get in touch with other bloggers is very helpful, like you already did.
      Great pictures and headlines are also really helpful and a last advice – be authentic!

      Best wishes ♥

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      • Thank you for the help! I’m actually portuguese, it’s not the same as spanish but if you want to learn, I can help you!
        I’m trying to reach other bloggers but I don’t really know any bloggers so It’s hard.


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